Career Field: Arts, Communications, Media and Design

Enlisted i Enlisted service members make up the majority of the Military and perform much of the hands-on work. Music Directors


Music is an important part of military life. Service bands and vocal groups have a strong tradition of performing at ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals and dances. Musicians and singers perform in Service bands, orchestras and small groups. They perform many types of music, including marches, classics, jazz and popular music.
  • Work Environment

    Musicians play indoors in theaters, in concert halls, and at dances; outdoors at parades and open-air concerts. They also travel regularly.
  • Military Training

    Although musicians must be musically proficient to enter the Service, music training is given to new band members. Job training consists of classroom instruction, including practice playing instruments. Training length varies depending on musical specialty. Further training occurs on the job through regular rehearsals and individual practice. Course content typically includes:
    • Music theory
    • Group instrumental techniques
    • Sight-reading musical scores
    • Dance band techniques

Other careers in this field

Officer i Officers are the managers of the Military, planning and directing operations or acting in professional roles in fields such as law and medicine.

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