• Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.

    Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve
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    Week 7: Grass Week Recruit Vie...

    Recruits learn the basics of weapons safety and marksmanship during grass week.

    Week 6: Rappelling Recruit Vie...

    Recruits learn rappelling to prepare them to deploy from helicopters, navigate difficult terrain and gain access to buildings.

    Week 3: Bayonet Assault Course...

    Recruits take on the Bayonet Assault Course and learn how to channel their intensity toward an enemy.

    Week 2: In the Barracks Drill...

    Drill instructors demand that recruits move quickly, be thorough and move as a unit.

    Week 1: Receiving Drill Instru...

    Drill instructors guide recruits through receiving, as the recruits begin their transformation into United States Marines.

    Training at the Rifle Range

    Marine Corps recruits at Parris Island, S.C., practice marksmanship during Recruit Training.

    Week 12: Graduation Ceremony

    Marine Corps recruits attend a graduation ceremony upon successful completion of their grueling 12-week training course.

    Week 11: The Crucible Planks C...

    During The Crucible, the final part of Marine Corps Basic Recruit Training, recruits complete a plank exercise.

    Week 8: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Before graduation from Air Force Basic Military Training, recruits participate in the Airman's Run.

    Week 5: BEAST Training

    During Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST), Air Force recruits deploy to the BEAST Encampment and live in the field environment for...

    Week 4: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Air Force recruits tackle a challenging obstacle course during the fourth week of Basic Military Training.

    Week 3: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Air Force recruits learn self-aid and buddy care so that they can help themselves or their fellow Airmen if they are injured in the field.

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