Videos: Today's Military

Male Speaker 1: Slide down.

Male Speaker 2: Aye, sir.

Male Speaker 3: Lean back, shoot that arm back at three o’clock, and jump. Go! Go!

Male Speaker 4: Keep your legs straight and locked, lean back.

Male Speaker 5: Shoot your arm out. Shoot your arm out!

Male Speaker 6: Take a step down.  Go! Stand up straight.

Male Speaker 7: Shoot your arm out!

Male Speaker 8: Brake, brake, brake!  He’s down, he’s down, he’s hovering backwards.  [Bring him out on the T-ring].

Male Speaker 9: Let’s go.

Male Speaker 10: Brake hand, sir.

Male Speaker 11: Brake hand, small of your back.

Male Speaker 12: Yes, sir.

Male Speaker 13: Take a step down. Go!

Male Speaker 14: Shoot your brake hand out. Do not death-grip the rope.