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    Navy Officer Candidate School — Room Locker Personnel(00:41)

    In the Room Locker Personnel (RLP) phase of OCS Training, students learn attention to detail through routine inspections of their uniform and living quarters. Strict room cleanliness and uniform appearance are stressed in RLP to help candidates become detail-oriented officers and more effective leaders.

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Speaker 1: The purpose of RLP is to prove not only to the class team, but to even the individual candidate that they have learned attention to detail, that they have learned the adequate knowledge that they would need in order to pass that level of training. And also, to be able to for the first time, really stand in front of their class officer and other class officers and conduct a personnel inspection.

Voice Over: Attention to detail is a constant theme during OCS training. Learning to give the proper attention to the smallest details will make you a better officer and a more effective leader.