Videos: Today's Military

Cadet 2nd Class Alicia Wallace: Intramural sports is a way for you to get really close to your squadron for one, and for another thing, it's a way for you to really just have fun, and do something outdoorsy.

Cadet 3rd Class Victor Lopez: We offer lots of different sports, everything from racquetball to basketball to soccer.

Cadet 2nd Class Alicia Wallace: We have to be physically fit, but we also like to have fun, so I feel like intramurals incorporates both of those things.

Cadet 3rd Class Victor Lopez: Intramurals are great, it's a great time to sort of unwind, have a little bit more fun. Usually in the afternoons after classes.

Cadet 2nd Class Patrick Mayfield: Well intramurals are awesome, just because they make them mandatory at the school for a reason. Everyone goes out there, has a good time. It means a lot, especially for freshmen. It's a nice chance to get away from all the things they have to do.

Cadet 4th Class Adalys Ramirez-Amador: It was a good way to relieve stress, and to kind of form that bond with your teammate.

Cadet 2nd Class Alicia Wallace: The point of intramurals, it's not supposed to be super competitive, but it's supposed to be just like you know, a fun thing during the day.

Cadet 3rd Class Victor Lopez: And you're going to go through it with your squadron, your squadron's going to build a team, you're going to go play against other squadrons.

Cadet 2nd Class Alicia Wallace: Once you become a part of the team, you feel really like close to the people in your little group.

Cadet 2nd Class Alicia Wallace: It's a lot of fun. Everyone comes out, and it's a great time to sort of again, unwind, and still get some physical activity in with your squadron.