Videos: Today's Military

1st Lt. Mansour Elhihi: Hey, come on in, welcome. Casa de Mansour.

I've got a picture of my girlfriend, picture of friends, picture of the family, and I've got pictures of buddies in pod training, and that's my girlfriend on the bottom with all her friends.

This is a cool picture right here, this is my old base that I got my F15 training in. These are the posters they made. It's kind of cool, it's two F15s. One's in a brake. You can't go wrong with a model of an F15 anywhere in your place. I think every fighter pilot has one, especially an F15 guy.

I keep my computer close to my couch, because I like to just surf the web or check my email while I'm watching TV. I've got a lot of DVDs. Every fighter pilot's got to have a flying game. Ace Combat 4 -- beat that like within I don't know, a day or two. Got my little 49'er wall. I'm a San Francisco fan.

Over here is the bedroom. Not much to do in here but sleep.

Kitchen, up top, I've got some bottles of wine. This actually is a photo of when I went training in the F15. Everybody signed it for my last assignment. This blender has great stories. Mom cooks me Arabic food and sends it, sends me all the Arabic bread I ever want. And all these little finger foods called sambusic. Good food. I need to learn how to make it.

I get a lot of friends here, we always come out and hang out. We usually come here and we'll go to the pool. I come down here about three or four times a week, I'll come out here and do some laps to work out, and on weekends I'll come here to hang out, you get to see some people here, it's a pretty nice pool. We go down to the beach a lot on weekends, we like to go and rent small civilian aircrafts. You can go to Orlando to Disney World, or Universal. We go to New Orleans, go down to Bourbon Street for a weekend and come back, and start all over on Monday.