Videos: Today's Military

Maj. Otto Padron: One day, walking through my community college, I look over, and there was a ROTC recruiter. While talking to the recruiter, I quickly realized that the ROTC program was going to give me an opportunity to attend the school that I wanted to go to, and not just a school that I could afford. Well I immediately said hey, this is the way to go, and I applied.

Maj. Sandra Chaves: I was an ROTC cadet, and I believe first and foremost that you are a college student. All ROTC is going to do is when everybody else is graduating, you're going to have that step up as far as leadership and decision making skills.

Maj. Otto Padron: With big dreams and aspirations, you're not gonna get very far if you don't have a way to shape and mold those particular aspirations. It heightened my confidence. It heightened my sense of leadership. I think ROTC gives you an opportunity at a different level that isn't necessarily a curriculum that's offered in a classroom.

Maj. Sandra Chaves: We don't just prepare future officers; we also prepare future civilian leaders, community leaders, governmental leaders.

Maj. Otto Padron: The training that I received at ROTC has applied throughout my entire career, both in my military as well as in my civilian. The ROTC experience was a great opportunity and a great avenue to achieve my goals.