Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.


    Life Overseas: Seeing Sigonell...

    A look at local attractions that are available to service members while they are stationed overseas.

    Life Overseas: Local Attractio...

    Living overseas provides many unique options for rest and relaxation, like the ones shown in this video from Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy...

    Life Overseas: Kids and Family

    A kid’s view of life at Naval Air Station Sigonella, a large Navy base in Italy.

    Life Overseas: Facilities at S...

    A tour of facilities at Naval Air Station Sigonella, a Navy base in Italy.

    A Tour of the USS Sampson

    Petty Officer Jesse Crider gives a tour of the USS Sampson destroyer warship including its mess hall, sleeping quarters and weapons deck.

    The Role of a Navy Nuke

    Petty Officer Alicia Ferrell, a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate or “Navy Nuke,” discusses her role in the Navy and the training she received for her...

    MPs on Patrol

    Army Reserve Soldiers train to become MPs (Military Police). MPs help keep a military installation secure, protect travel routes and maintain law...

    Minding the Store

    Storekeeper 3rd Class Anitra Lyle discusses her travels to Africa and life on a boat.

    Mentoring in Afghanistan

    Members of the Embedded Transition Team work with members of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

    Training While Serving the Com...

    As part of its service obligation, the Air Force Reserve 610th Aerospace Medical Flight trained at a hospital in Belcourt, N.D.

    Army Spouses Make Marriage Wo...

    Warrant Officer Steven Kambouris and Staff Sgt. Adrienne Kambouris met while training and got married.

    The Air National Guard Train i...

    Recruits in the "Snowbird" deployment of the Vermont chapter of the Air National Guard assist in ordnance training in warmer climates.

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