Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.


    The Diving Doctor

    Dr. Joshua Nassiri, a surgeon in the Navy, attends dive school and discusses what's unique about being a surgeon in the Military.

    A Navy Nurse at Work

    Nicole Benson, a pediatric nurse, discusses the Nurse Candidate Program and what drew her to service.

    Medical Careers in the Navy

    The Navy has many opportunities for doctors, nurses, dentists and researchers.

    Army Reserve CPR Training

    Capt. Shawn Tulp, an intensive care nurse for the Army Reserve, trains fellow service members in CPR.

    A Nurse and a Soldier

    Sgt. Marlene Garcia’s Army Reserve experience has proven to be very useful as she studies to be a nurse.

    Preparing Patients for Transpo...

    Maj. Lisa Skibar of the Air Force Reserve is a Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (CASF) nurse.

    Maintaining High Health Standa...

    Maj. Patrick Hsieh, an Air Force Reserve flight surgeon, describes the special circumstances of keeping service members healthy.

    Lifelong Learning for Health C...

    Maj. Walter Jackson, a flight surgeon, discusses the training in critical care and leadership he has received through the Air Force Reserve.

    Dentistry in the Air Force Res...

    Maj. Lance Kim of the Air Force Reserve evaluates the dental health of service members to make sure they are ready for deployment.

    Caring for the Critically Inju...

    Maj. Sylvia Vedder is a critical care nurse in the Air Force Reserve.

    Becoming an Air Force Reserve...

    Lt. Col. Monsita Faley, a flight nurse, explains her decision to join the Air Force Reserve and attend nursing school.

    An Aeromedical Evacuation Team...

    Senior Airman Kyle Knox, of the Air Force Reserve's 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, describes his team's crucial mission.

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