Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.


    A Sense of Achievement

    Recent graduates of Basic Training look back on their experiences.

    A New Look for New Recruits

    Upon arrival at Basic Training recruits get haircuts and physical training uniforms.

    Western Air Defense Sector (WA...

    Members of the Air National Guard's Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) explain the purpose of WADS and describe the training for their jobs.

    The Air National Guard Train i...

    Recruits in the "Snowbird" deployment of the Vermont chapter of the Air National Guard assist in ordnance training in warmer climates.

    Tactical Air Control Party (TA...

    Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Brune explains the role of the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) as Tech. Sgt. Jason Roland calls in a simulated air strike....

    Part-Time Pararescue

    View a water rescue mission from the perspective of Tech. Sgt. Luigge Romanillo.

    On-the-Job Fight Training

    Tech. Sgt. Steven Graves, a member of the Air National Guard security forces, practices his fighting skills during a training assignment.

    Helicopter Rescue Simulation

    Tech. Sgt. Luigge Romanillo participates in a helicopter rescue mission exercise.

    From Zero to Sixty

    Sabrena, a member of the Air National Guard, shares her experiences in Basic Military Training and technical training.

    12 Weeks: Marine Corps Recrui...

    Marine recruits in their 12th and final week of training reflect on their personal transformation and their future as Marines.

    Week 1: Receiving Recruit View

    Upon arrival, Marine recruits receive their first instruction from a drill instructor at Parris Island, S.C.

    Week 7: Grass Week Recruit Vie...

    Recruits learn the basics of weapons safety and marksmanship during grass week.

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