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    Helicopter Underwater Egress T...

    Aviation Rescue Swimmers (AIRRs) practice their escape from a downed helicopter that has gone underwater.

    Nighttime Cargo Drop Training

    Army Reserve Soldiers participate in a nighttime cargo drop exercise.

    MPs on Patrol

    Army Reserve Soldiers train to become MPs (Military Police). MPs help keep a military installation secure, protect travel routes and maintain law...

    Hot in Here

    In a training exercise, Army Reserve firefighters tackle a fire in the desert.

    Daytime Cargo Drop Training

    Army Reserve Soldiers participate in a daytime cargo drop exercise.

    Mastering the Basics

    Army National Guard recruits crawl, climb, pull and jump their way through an obstacle course during Basic Combat Training (BCT).

    Inside the Obstacle Course

    Army National Guard recruits showcase their physical strength as they complete a demanding obstacle course.

    Army National Guard Parachute...

    Members of the Army National Guard engage in high-altitude low-opening (HALO) parachute training in Arizona.

    Armor & Field Artillery Ad...

    Service members train to use cannons as members of the armor and field artillery team.

    Sailing Through the Storm

    Petty Officer William Armstrong describes the intense training that goes into becoming a surfman for the Coast Guard.

    Training While Serving the Com...

    As part of its service obligation, the Air Force Reserve 610th Aerospace Medical Flight trained at a hospital in Belcourt, N.D.

    Air Force Reserve Nurse Traini...

    At McGuire Air Force Base, Air Force Reserve Capt. Dennis Castro and his unit prep an aircraft and simulate loading an injured passenger.

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