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    An Air Force Superintendent

    As the Superintendent of Air Force Basic Military Training, Chief Master Sgt. Kenneth Williams is responsible for 39,000 trainees annually.

    Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    As an explosive ordnance disposal master craftsman, Air Force Master Sgt. Paul Horton has seen a lot of action.

    Road to a Career

    Is it possible to find a satisfying and rewarding career in the Military? Yes! Service members talk about the variety of job opportunities and...

    Why the Air Force Academy?

    Instructors and cadets share what a person can expect from attending the Air Force Academy.

    Week 8: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Before graduation from Air Force Basic Military Training, recruits participate in the Airman's Run.

    Week 6: BEAST Training

    During Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST), Air Force recruits deploy to the BEAST Encampment and live in the field environment for...

    Week 4: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Air Force recruits tackle a challenging obstacle course during the fourth week of Basic Military Training.

    Week 3: Air Force Basic Milita...

    Air Force recruits learn self-aid and buddy care so that they can help themselves or their fellow Airmen if they are injured in the field.

    Thunderbirds in Action

    The U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, known as the "Thunderbirds," performs aerial stunts at an air show.

    The Air Force Nursing Family

    1st Lt. Julio Cano, a clinical nurse, describes his workweek.

    Tactical Aircraft Maintenance...

    Tactical Aircraft Maintenance training teaches students everything they need to know to ensure everything from tip to tail on an aircraft is...

    Support for Air Force Families

    Maj. Brian Neese and his wife Shelley describe the many benefits the Air Force has to offer families.

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