Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.


    Introduction to the Air Nation...

    Learn about the history and present day opportunities of the Air National Guard in this comprehensive introduction.


    Trained to Put Out Flames

    An airman in the Air National Guard describes his role as a firefighter. Not only does he help protect the F-16 aircraft, but he also fights fires...

    The Support of Combat Communic...

    The Air National Guard Combat Communication squadron's mission is to deploy, operate and maintain strategic dispersal of emergency communications...

    The Fine Art of Refueling

    An Air National Guard plane refuels a Navy Blue Angel jet.

    The Air National Guard in Iraq

    The Air National Guard provides air support in Balad, Iraq.

    Ready for Takeoff

    Senior Airman Nicole Young inspects a KC-135, a refueling aircraft, inside and out, and then she assists with takeoff.

    One Part of the Air National G...

    Air National Guard Maj. Windy Hendrick describes how fighter pilots are just one part of the Guard's overall mission.

    Meet the Dirt Boys

    An airman describes his role as one of the “Dirt Boys” on an Air National Guard Civil Engineering team.

    Keeping Pilots Connected

    A staff sergeant with the 158th Communications Squadron splices fiber-optic cable to help set up alert trailers, where F-16 pilots can stay.

    Just Like a Fire Department

    In case they are needed, members of the Air National Guard are trained to react whenever the alarm sounds.

    How to Fold a Parachute

    Airman 1st Class Carlos Puga shows how to fold a parachute and explains why it is so important to handle parachutes properly.

    Handle with Care

    Staff Sgt. Erik Reichenbach and Tech. Sgt. Kenny Rogers, of the Maryland Air National Guard, discuss their work with munitions systems.

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