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    Scholar, Athlete, Leader(01:51)

    As an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadet, Marissa Bernadette learns how to be a nurse and develops skills that will help her excel.

    Bernadette’s ROTC training covers academics, leadership and physical fitness. Upon graduation, Bernadette will become a second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

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Cadet Marissa Bernadette: My name is Marissa Bernadette. I am 22 years old. I am currently at the UTEP Nursing School, and I am also doing ROTC. I have learned so much just being in ROTC about communication, about being in front of people, about interpersonal skills.

Col. Carr: The three things that the Army considers important is a criteria we call the "SAL criteria." That's scholar, athlete and leader. And Marissa exemplifies all three of those.

Cadet Marissa Bernadette: Col. Carr is probably our biggest advocate.

Col. Carr: There's your three people who are going to evaluate your performance and are going to decide your career in the next 33 days.

Cadet Marissa Bernadette: He understands that graduating and, you know, actually becoming a nurse is our main priority right now.

Col. Carr: In her case she's always on the dean's list, honor roll. I cannot graduate a student from my program who does not graduate from college. They go together hand and hand.

Cadet Marissa Bernadette: He's always there to make sure we're doing well in school and we are accomplishing what it is we have to accomplish. We're here at PT. I woke up at about 5:15 to be here for the 6:00 formation.

PT is physical training, and it happens every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 to 7:30. It gives you energy, and it starts your day off. Down. Four. Down. Five. We do push-ups and sit-ups, and we run.

Col. Carr: Not only does she max the Army physical fitness test, but she participates in half-marathons and marathons.

Cadet Marissa Bernadette: I feel very proud to walk around campus in my uniform. You build a bond that is actually very tight. Camaraderie that is really going to last us a lifetime. It's been an excellent, excellent experience.