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    Recreation Options for Service Members(02:49)

    Employees describe the recreation benefits available at the Northwest Adventure Center at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. Service members not only enjoy access to outdoor supplies, but they can also take advantage of discounted ski trips and scuba diving classes.

    Members of the Reserve and Guard components receive the same recreation benefits as active-duty service members. Plus, all other Department of Defense ID card holders, including dependents, can participate in recreation activities on any base worldwide.

    Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation (FMWR) sponsors many exciting activities on military bases. While recreation benefits and activities vary from base to base, FMWR offers concerts, intramural sports and much more.

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Rick Kivett: I'm Rick Kivett, the adventure program manager. I'm in charge of all the outdoor recreation activities. We offer a wide variety of trips. Anything from your high adventure, bungie-jumping, white water rafting, to more tame things, such as mountain biking [and] hiking. Pretty much anything you can think of that's outside.

Robert Conrad: I'm Robert Conrad. I'm an adventure programmer for Northwest Adventure Center. Our job entails getting military personnel and their families outside, showing them how they can relieve stress, how they can find adventure in the Pacific Northwest.

Israel Ortiz: My name is Israel Ortiz, and I'm the SCUBA manager for Joint Base Lewis-McChord SCUBA shop. This is the only five star instruction development center from the professional association of diving instructors in the Department of Defense, meaning that this facility can train anybody from the basic course, meaning a basic diver, all the way up to instructor.

Robert Conrad: Our trips are open to all ID card-holders, and sponsored guests, so active duty, family members, retirees, DOD civilians, and contractors, as well as their guests that they want to bring along on their trips. Every installation has an outdoor recreation, or some type of MWR program. It's specific to their region. Whether it be mountain biking, which is something simple they can do, locally, or you know, getting up in the mountains at 5,000 feet, and sleeping overnight, so, from all extremes.

Israel Ortiz: We have the luxury of having cabins here, meaning that any DOD ID card-holder can use those facilities.

Rick Kivett: Our cabins are located along American Lake. They are fully furnished. They have -- they're log cabins, but they have a lot of the amenities that you would find in your typical hotel room. Other gear that we have available for rent is, we have fishing boats, and camp trailers, kayaks and canoes.

Israel Ortiz: The beauty of this location is that we don't treat it as a military underwater training facility. We treat it as a family affair facility, and we involve the entire family, husband, wife, kids.

Rick Kivett: Today's trips, we have skiing at Snowqualmie. It's a trip that we provide, where we provide the transportation, the equipment, and then just enjoy a great day out on the snow. We also have an outdoor winter camping survival class, going up on Mt. Rainier, so the participants of this trip will learn how to not only survive, but thrive in a winter environment.

Robert Conrad: We get to do 20 plus things, and we're constantly showing people the various ways that they can enjoy outdoor activities. You know, I play outside, and I teach people what they need to know to have fun outside, and to do it right.