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    Week 6: Rappelling Recruit View(00:39)

    Recruits learn rappelling, which is a controlled slide down a rope, to prepare them to deploy from helicopters, navigate difficult terrain and gain access to buildings during raids.

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Speaker 1: Put your left hand on the yellow. Step forward. Put your right hand on my left hand. Put the small of your back is your break hand. What hand? What hand?

Speaker 2: Right hand.

Speaker 1: Break hand.

Speaker 2: Break hand.

Speaker 1: Repeat after me, one down.

Speaker 2: One down.

Speaker 1: One around.

Speaker 2: One around.

Speaker 1: Lock the gate.

Speaker 2: Lock the gate.

Speaker 1: The gate is locked.

Speaker 2: The gate is locked.

Speaker 1: Lock.

Speaker 2: Lock.

Speaker 1: You drop about 3 o'clock. Look over your right shoulder, double time back. Let's go.