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    A Nurse and a Soldier(01:04)

    Sgt. Marlene Garcia’s Army Reserve experience has proven to be very useful as she studies to be a nurse.

    The Army Reserve offers many educational benefits, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the College Loan Repayment Program. Army Reserve Soldiers have opportunities to earn professional and trade certificates.

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Sgt. Marlene Garcia: Not only am I a Soldier, but I'm also a nurse. So at any point in time, I can take off my Soldier hat, and I can put on my nurse's hat.

Cristi Bundukamara: Marlene Garcia is a shining example of what the Army Reserve can do for your character, and for your self-discipline, and also what it can do for you in your career.

Sgt. Marlene Garcia: Being an Army Reserve Soldier has given me a little edge because I've learned to be more focused, I've learned to be more direct. They put you through a rigorous training program, and they also give you job training. When you go into the civilian world, you know how to be focused, and you know how to accomplish your goals.

Mary Cacace: By being part of the Reserve, they are getting the benefit of being in an environment that is enhancing the skills and the traits that really make you a better nurse.

Cristi Bundukamara: Marlene will be a great nurse as a result of her training in the Reserve and successfully going through this work.

Sgt. Marlene Garcia: When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a confident successful young lady, and I feel that I owe it all to the Army Reserve.