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    Navy Officer Candidate School — Graduation(02:16)

    At OCS graduation, newly appointed Navy ensigns accept a salute from their class drill instructor and chief petty officer and give them a traditional silver dollar. Both acts are a symbol of the accomplishment of graduating from OCS and being prepared to lead as a Navy officer.

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Voice Over: Finally, after weeks of stress, challenge and perhaps even a fleeting moment or two or personal doubt, the candidate officers are ready for their own graduation. Friends and family members arrive to take part in the graduation festivities that include a night of celebration on graduation eve.

After an impressive ceremony, these new Navy ensigns must perform their first official act as a Navy officer. Each officer approaches his or her class drill instructor and class chief petty officer, and accepts a salute from each. In turn, the new ensign presents each with the traditional show of respect and honor, a new silver dollar. Both the salute and the coin are important symbols of your accomplishments at OCS.

But the memories of this experience will last a lifetime. You will find even the toughest moments will soon become favorite stories to share with fellow officers. The long hours and hard work have changed you. The world you face is one full of possibilities, and you are prepared as never before to meet whatever challenge awaits. OCS was just the beginning. Because of the dedicated efforts of your candidate officers, Marine drill instructors, class chief petty officers, and class officers, you are now ready to join the Navy Marine Corps team.

Speaker 1: I will tell you that I have been out in the fleet for a good eight years. I have not come across anyone better than an OCS graduate.

Chief Petty Officer Dawn Calhoun: I have never had a rewarding job like I have here at Officer Candidate School. I get to see these kids come in straight off the streets, and then to watch them transform into a model sailor is rewarding. Their behavior, the way they walk, talk, and interact with people. I got goose bumps. I just don't know how to describe it. It's -- I would work with any one of these candidates any day. I'll just put it that way.

Voice Over: You will be tested, and you will succeed. You have been taught by the best, and you are prepared to lead. You are a Navy officer.