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    Meet the Dirt Boys(00:51)

    An airman describes his role as one of the “Dirt Boys” on an Air National Guard Civil Engineering team. His day-to-day work involves keeping the runway clear and the grounds ready in all conditions.

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Speaker: Hello. My name is Master Sgt. Arsis Bens. I belong to the 158th Fighter Wing Unit, and we're part of the Civil Engineer Unit. You know, we're part of the roads and grounds shop. We call ourselves the "Dirt Boys." Our job is basically to take care of the airfield, and that consists of snow removal and running big pieces of snow equipment like this one, which is a big girl, which cleans off all the debris and stuff that's on the runway and taxiways. And, also, we do other things such as running other heavy pieces of equipment like excavators, and backhoes, and dozers and dump trucks. And it's just great. It's fun to be in this big equipment. It's fun to play with it, and it beats sitting in the office all the time.