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    An Infantry Officer on Leadership(00:56)

    Capt. Kutilek describes his leadership role as an officer. A Marine Officer brings guidance, as well as provides mentorship and support for his squadron. 

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Capt. Kutilek: The Marine Corps puts me in this -- in this position to lead Marines.  And if I did not lead Marines, I would not be doing my job.  It gives me an opportunity to lead and mentor young United States Marines.

Most Marines have no idea what they’re capable of until they’re pushed beyond what they think they’re able to achieve, and they can achieve much more than they ever thought they could.

One man can’t do everything, but every man can do something.  And as long as you empower the team and bring everybody together and give them a task for a common goal, you can accomplish great things.  But a good Marine officer is not going to forget the fact that he is leading these Marines, and he sets the tone, the atmosphere, the conditions.  If he’s weak-minded, the Marines will be weak-minded.  If he is very physically and mentally tough, his Marines are going to be physically and mentally tough, because they’re looking to their leader for guidance and direction.