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    Week 8: Firing Week (01:03)

    During Recruit Training, Marine recruits learn how to fire weapons at the rifle range. Rifle training occurs during week eight of the grueling 12-week training course.

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Male Speaker 1: Sight in, fire (inaudible) shots.  (inaudible) shots. (gun fire)

Male Speaker 2: Cease fire!  Now stand by for these (inaudible) that I’m going to give you, all right? 

Male Speaker 3: Fill your magazine with five rounds. 

Male Speaker 4: [Fill with five rounds?] (overlapping dialogue; inaudible)

Male Speaker 5: Fill your magazine.  (inaudible) you understand?

Male Speaker 6: Now put your hand in this sling.  Put your hand in this sling.

Male Speaker 7: Eight forty-seven, we supposed to be at 12 what?  (inaudible). 

Male Speaker 8: No, 14, 14 for the winner.

Male Speaker 9: Let me see.

Male Speaker 10: Five rounds [load?].

Male Speaker 11: Five rounds load.

Male Speaker 12: Make way.

Male Speaker 13: Make way (inaudible) (overlapping dialogue; inaudible) (gun fire).