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    Dentistry in the Air Force Reserve(01:33)

    Maj. Lance Kim of the Air Force Reserve evaluates the dental health of service members to make sure they are ready for deployment. The Air Force Reserve not only offers health care professionals like Kim the opportunity for continued education, but also offers health care coverage. 

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Maj. Lance Kim: My name is Lance Kim. I'm a major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. I'm a chief dentist in the 926th AMDF. My job is to review the X-rays, do the exams on the patients. We don't treat: We just do the exams and we determine whether they're qualified for deployment. We're trying to condense sometimes 30 days of active-duty days into two days and get everything accomplished and similar to what they do. The civilian sector is a little different. We're not as busy, and we primarily just do dental exams to determine their readiness, and we don't really treat any patients, so that's a little different. But, other than that, the dentistry's the same. We see the patient, and we recommend what they need to do.

There are many benefits that I enjoy. One of the primary benefits is the health care insurance that I get; it is very affordable, very good, and it is one less stress and one less headache I have to worry about as a small business owner. There's educational benefits. I could expand my dental skills. There's always the chance to go on humanitarian missions to help other people. There's GI benefits that I could utilize if I want to, there's a loan repayment program that I like, which I'm utilizing right now. I learned the core values of the Air Force Reserve, and I apply that to the daily treatment of my patients and my patients appreciate that. And, overall, it's given me a great opportunity, and, you know, I enhance my personal skills and leadership. I just like the fact that, you know, I take part in an organization that gives me the freedom that I enjoy every day.