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    The Support of Combat Communications(02:36)

    The Air National Guard Combat Communication squadron's mission is to deploy, operate and maintain strategic dispersal of emergency communications anywhere in the world. Combat Communications can use the skills they learn stateside when deployed.

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Speaker 1: Somebody had asked me the other day, what is combat communications? And my easiest way to explain that to somebody on the outside, a civilian, is that we are the first ones in, and the last ones out. So, you give me a piece of dirt, and I'm going to come in, and I'm going to set up VOIP, which is Voice Over IP. I'm going to set up phones for you, I'm going to set up email for you, and I'm going to set up internet for you.

Speaker 2: All our equipment is basically set in boxes on pallets. We unload those boxes, follow our technical orders, and once we get that up and running live, we can -- we're able to communicate with basically all branches of the Military, basically anybody that's trying to communicate with us.

Speaker 1: Right now, overseas and here in the United States, communications is the key to anything that we're going to do. And we're the ones that are the starting and ending point of all of that.

Speaker 2: The best thing about serving in the Air National Guard is not only do I just serve my state, but I can also serve my country as well. So not just natural disasters locally, but also I can go deploy to Afghanistan, or Iraq, or anywhere, and be able to use my skills that I use stateside overseas as well.

Speaker 3: I tell people all the time that they should join the Air National Guard because of the opportunity that they bring. You may be able to volunteer to go overseas to Germany for six months, you may be able to go and volunteer for the wildfires. The best part about it is you're giving back to the state, and that's what people don't realize.

Speaker 1: The Air National Guard is the best kept secret, I think, in the military. It's a niche that is an opportunity for someone to continue to do what they do, yet learn a new career. You're going to receive the best training that the military has to offer.

Speaker 4: Line is ready. Commence, unlatch, and grab.

Speaker 1: You're going to be able to go to school, experience an environment that is challenging you to learn, and not only that, you're going to be provided with the benefits that the military offers. You're going to be able to go to your local commissary. You're going to be given tuition assistance. And aside from all of that, as a part of the Air National Guard, you're going to be provided with opportunities to deploy if you want to. For the most part, it's voluntary. So, you're going to be given options to go overseas. In the last year, we've had people go to Puerto Rico. Who else is going to pay you to do this job, give you the training, and send you places that you'd want to go to be able to utilize those skills? The Air National Guard is.