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    An Air Force Superintendent(02:17)

    As the Superintendent of Air Force Basic Military Training, Chief Master Sgt. Kenneth Williams is responsible for 39,000 trainees annually. Watch him discuss his enthusiasm for his job and the respect he has for the fellow Airmen that he has the privilege of working with.

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Sgt. Kenneth Williams: My name is Chief Master Sergeant, Kenneth Williams, and my role is the Superintendent of the 737th Training Group, and that encompasses the operation and conduct of Air Force Basic Military Training.

My day-to-day responsibilities vary from setting the direction for the military, the over 500 military training instructors, and also making sure that that training is consistent.  We are on tap to train about 36,000 Airmen this year and prepare them for service in the United States Air Force.  And I tell you, that’s -- that’s awesome.

One of the parts -- I’ll tell you, there’s several parts of my job that are just amazing -- to work with 500 professionals that are handpicked from all over the Air Force to come and conduct basic training.  When you see the culmination of eight and a half weeks of training and see those trainees as they march proudly, and you can see the response of America, being their families that come to see them as they culminate training.

I think this is one of the most selfless professions that one can take on, is being a military member and having the opportunity to serve a country and provide freedom for people that really don’t even realize, oftentimes, and they take those freedoms for granted that military members provide for them.

I probably bug my neighbors every day because I let out a big -- almost a rebel yell to be able to serve in this manner.  It’s been awesome to be provided an opportunity of this sort, to meet some amazing people, and work around some amazing people that I’ve been blessed and honored to -- to serve with throughout my 27 and a half years.  It’s awe-inspiring to don a uniform each and every day, and to have the opportunity to come out and serve in a manner that I’ve been allowed to serve.

Hoo!  That’s it.