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    Getting Paid to Work Out

    Seaman Recruit Cliff Boon talks about passing his fitness test during the fourth week of Coast Guard Basic Training.

    From Boy to Man

    Seaman Recruit Cliff Boon reflects on how much he's accomplished during Coast Guard Basic Training.

    Following the Company Commande...

    Seaman Recruit Heather Bevel describes what the first week of Coast Guard Basic Training is like.

    Arrival at Basic Training

    Seaman Recruit Cliff Boon shares how he felt when his bus pulled into Coast Guard Basic Training at Cape May, N.J.

    Hitting the Books

    Basic Training isn’t just about building physical strength and endurance. Recruits must also spend time in the classroom.

    Graduation from Basic Combat T...

    New Army Soldiers spend time with their families and march at graduation.

    Graduating from Basic Training

    At the graduation ceremony following Basic Training, new Army Soldiers and their parents share their feelings.

    From Civilian to Soldier

    During Basic Training, drill sergeants instruct recruits in the Seven Core Army Values and teach the recruits how to be Soldiers.

    Basic Training: Red, White and...

    Army recruits must pass the three phases of Basic Training. Each phase is named after a color of the American flag.

    Coast Guard Academy Training S...

    Students at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., participate in training exercises.

    An All-Around Workout

    During Army Basic Training, recruits develop endurance, strength and flexibility.

    Advanced Individual Training

    After Basic Training, the next step for Soldiers is Advanced Individual Training (AIT), where they study for their specific jobs.

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