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    Maintaining High Health Standa...

    Maj. Patrick Hsieh, an Air Force Reserve flight surgeon, describes the special circumstances of keeping service members healthy.

    Lifelong Learning for Health C...

    Maj. Walter Jackson, a flight surgeon, discusses the training in critical care and leadership he has received through the Air Force Reserve.

    Inspired by Her Son’s Choice

    When her college-aged son began to consider the Air Force Reserve, Staff Sgt. Tammi Johnson chose to return to service.

    Dentistry in the Air Force Res...

    Maj. Lance Kim of the Air Force Reserve evaluates the dental health of service members to make sure they are ready for deployment.

    Becoming an Air Force Reserve...

    Lt. Col. Monsita Faley, a flight nurse, explains her decision to join the Air Force Reserve and attend nursing school.

    A Global Positioning Systems (...

    Air Force Reserve Senior Airman Jessica Eastburn works as a Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites operator.

    A Day in the Life of the Coast...

    The daily duties of the Coast Guard include search-and-rescue missions, environmental protection, drug interdiction and coastal security.

    A Coxswain in the Coast Guard...

    A Coast Guard Reserve coxswain explains her role as the individual in charge of a boat and everyone on it.

    Training While Serving the Com...

    As part of its service obligation, the Air Force Reserve 610th Aerospace Medical Flight trained at a hospital in Belcourt, N.D.

    Air Force Reserve Nurse Traini...

    At McGuire Air Force Base, Air Force Reserve Capt. Dennis Castro and his unit prep an aircraft and simulate loading an injured passenger.

    Shopping at the Exchange

    Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau and Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle of the Air Force Reserve shop for name-brand products at an exchange store.

    Why the Coast Guard?

    Seaman Recruit Anthony Lawing, a recent college graduate, explains why he chose the Coast Guard as a career option.

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