Corrin Campbell: Service Through Song

Corrin was drawn to music from a young age. When it came time to make her musical dream a reality, she wasn’t sure how — until a chance meeting.



Growing up in Duluth, Minn., Corrin followed in the footsteps of her musical family with encouragement from her grandfather and stepdad, Todd. “She loved to sing and dance and perform for people,” Todd says. “It was pretty amazing that she had no fear.”

Changing Perceptions

As the U.S. Military’s only featured performer, Corrin travels the world performing for service members and civilians. Her songs, she says, are “inspired by my service. … I’m a Soldier and that’s what makes me who I am.” She loves playing for students and connecting with them on social media.


Learn more about Army Musical Outreach


Get an inside look at Corrin’s songwriting process as her brother Mitch joins her in a song inspired by her military service.


Corrin’s grandfather, Bob Campbell, talks about his reaction to Corrin enlisting and his own experience with the Military.

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